Thursday, January 28, 2010

This post is merely a virtual list for my benefit but feel free to peruse if interested.

I have read a gazillion books in my lifetime and wish I had the foresight to start a list when I was much younger.At eleven I was reading John Grisham "The rainmaker","The client" etc. and Alice Walkers "The color Purple" Amy Tans "Joy luck club" I have read so much fucking AWESOMELY good stuff.If one could live off a good book I would be well fed.So! I have decided that at least for this year I will keep track of every book I read and how many pages just so at the end of the year I can be like "wow,that was an awesome year in the way of book reading,Good job Misty" That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. I am on my third book since 2010 began,thanks to reading while I pee.....waiting for clients dr. appointments.....and mine and jeremeys nightly reading ritual etc.And I have boxes and plastic buckets and bookshelves of stories waiting for me. Some books may not be that great but since I paid good money for them I will try to trudge my way through for as long as possible before giving up. So here it goes:__________________________________ _________

The girlfriends Club
by-Judith Henry Wall 320 pgs. This is not the type of book I would normally read.I am not a "girls" girl and also am not into southern setting books.But it was a good story and even made me tear up at the end.

Welcome to Hard Times
by-E.L.Doctorow 224 pages I read this book about five years ago and just thought it was written so well.I loved all the vulgarity and the rawness of the characters.I could read this one over and over.

"Schooled"By Gordon Kormon 224pgs. After I bought this one I discovered it is for reading levels 9-12. But chose to follow through reading it anyway. Of course since it is for children it is elementarily written and only a decent book because of the unique storyline- A boy name Capricorn who is raised in isolation by a hippie woman is taken into foster care and culture shocked by the world.

Snow Falling on Cedars By:David Guterson 460 pages. This was a good well written story, but sometimes I got lost in the over-descriptiveness of the World War II environment. Only because I dont love this type of history very much. David is a wonderful author.

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind By William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer 320 Pages. This book was reccommended to me by my boss. I actually enjoyed it, some parts were very sad but I am truly amazed at how brilliant some people can be.

Me Talk Pretty One Day By David Sedaris 272 pages. This book was pretty funny and light-heartedly entertaining. I want to read some of his other books now. It's a great read after a serious book.

too be continued.........